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Devotional Living

Devotional love for the sun as it drapes its warm rose glow over the mountain top.

 The dance of the candle flame.
 The softness of your skin as it touches itself.
 Your breath.
 A cause.
 A song.
 A belief
 A life…
 What or who are you living in devotion to? What are you deeply committed to? And how does your worship take form?


To what? To whom?

With agreement consciously or unconsciously?


This is a question that once asked and fully opened to can change the way you move from the deepest level of your being and can change the way the world receives all that you are.


Our societies used to be set up that we understood devotional worship. Deities, icons, rituals, saints, figureheads – all given to us as part of religious structure to point our devotional energies towards. But as those things have been disappearing from the heart of our societal systems other things have come in. Not necessarily of our choosing but that permeate most of our lives. Things that form and inform, without our specific permission, the shape of our lives.


Meeting a need whilst not at all meeting it.


Some of those are encased in consumerism, comparison and celebrity. Some of them look like shopping, or wanting to look a certain way, or be seen to have it all.


Wanting more, like them, from ego.


Misplaced devotion. Attention on things that can harm rather than heal.


All part of the epidemic spreading across our lands. The worship of false deities. Looking around you may begin to see and feel it clearly the desperate need of people to feel more of the sacred nature of existence and looking for it in experiences that point away from rather than towards what it is they are seeking.


Experiences that in the end, case harm to ourselves, each other and the planet we live on.


But deep down , the feeling that this isn’t actually the way continues to permeate our bodies. The feeling that something is missing. Something is not alright. And the more you develop the sensitivity, the more you might feel it and the more it may become deeply uncomfortable.


But look inwards toward the deepest relationship it’s possible to have, and you will find a well-source of everything you are looking for. No longer an endless hole to be filled, but instead the deepest well of soul-full experience. Devote yourself from this and to this and all the riches of the universe will be yours.


Maybe you have already begun this journey. Maybe I speak of what you already know, but haven’t yet given yourself permission to dive fully into. Maybe this is a mystery to you in this moment but you are drawn to keep reading anyway and see where it leads. Maybe you know deeply, are already leading others and teaching this path and it’s a question of how much more breadth and depth you can open into and how much more fully you can transmit what you know to others. There is no end to this journey. We are all travelling together. Learning to be in the deepest reverence and devotion to the soul of experience. Reverence and love as a path. Devotion to myself as you. Devotion to you as myself. All One. The one experiencing itself in different forms in beauty and flow.


When you feel into it, if you were to let go of the ‘distraction devotions’, how devotional is your deeper experience? Do you feel your life to be a sacred work of art? Do you actually know who you are? The immensity of it? How often do you spend in reverence of all of this? Of who we all are? What we’re capable of in these bodies, living these lives?


The exquisite beauty of this ‘you’ being.


Do you know her? Are you in love with her?


Are you in devotion to ‘her’, to your life, to your art? To your life as that art?


If I told you I know who you are, would you believe me?


I see you. I love you. I know you as I know myself. But do you?


You see many of us have forgotten long, long ago, the immensity and beauty of being. But I believe we are here to remember. To fall in love with ourselves again. ‘I’ as in ‘you’ as in it all. To fall in love with you because you are me. To fall into love. Devotional practice to ourselves and this thing we call life.


No longer unconscious. No longer harming.


Just love.


Wouldn’t this world be a better place? Wouldn’t life feel better? Wouldn’t relationships be healed and political situations be calmed? Wouldn’t we treat all living things with honour and respect? Wouldn’t we parent and love and lead from a clearer place?


There are many ways I could describe the the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of what I say, but trust you will know already. That quiet voice inside of you who is wanting to be listened to more fully. That whisper of the greatness of ‘you’. But if that voice, through years of shuuushing and quietening cannot yet be heard, just start from the inside out. Start by cultivating a devotional practice that assumes your beauty and grace and love and the immense voice that wants to be heard.


Devotion to ‘Her.

For we are creators of life. We gestate and birth. We nurture. At our best, when we let go of all the ways we get in our own way, we are in the flow of life as a dance. We are in the sound of the universal song. We are immense grace and fierce love. We are the lion and the hummingbird. The fire and the ocean.


The Lover


The Mother


The Wise Woman


The Queen


The Goddess


The Sorceress


The dark sides and the light. All of it so, very beautiful. All of those facets of yourself to be worshipped. And more.


Who wants to receive it today?


Who wants to be revered and seen and loved more in this moment? Which Me. Which I?


And when we do we become devotional in how we move and how we relate, in how we create all that we are here to create.


What are your sacred devotional practices? How do you internalise and externalise them? What is easy and what feels difficult? Which parts of yourself want to receive and which get shunted away into the dark? And what else could you bring in?


Trust you know. Trust you can. Be devoted to all that you are.


Devotional living because why wouldn’t you when it leads to such a beautiful place.


Tonight perhaps light a candle in reverence to ‘Her’. That part of yourself who would smile at receiving such a gift.


And give her space to breathe again.


Just because.

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