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Are you, or would you like to be one of the world's great influencers and changemakers?

Whether you have a c-suite position, are a politician, an advisor, a communicator or a leader of a different kind, chances are you are doing well at what you know how to do but have a sense that more or different is possible.

As a female leader, you will be facing particular challenges. What are yours?

Many high-performance women express similar struggles. Many have risen the ranks in a male-dominated, overly-patriarchal system and they are simply tired of competing with the boys and still being underrepresented, underpaid and undervalued. Women are also expressing a desire for their female counterparts to be more supportive on the shared journey. Sisterhood, it seems, is not always entirely present on the way to the boardroom. Power with heart can be lacking on all sides, with dire consequences for how our world is evolving and the long-term wellbeing of our inspirational women.

As well as the practical obstacles that are faced around equal pay and representation and the added pressures and logistical challenges that motherhood brings, many women I've worked with also express being held back by fears, confidence issues, learned behaviours that limit them in public office, in the eyes of the media, the bedroom and the boardroom and relationship stresses that drain of energy at home.

Burn out is high.
Difficulty in getting voices heard is common.
Finding the space and time to clarify what they would actually like their overall impact to be, sometimes impossible.

A new way really is achievable. A way of ease and effortlessness, pleasure and flow.

Whoever decided that impact had to come from stress and more hours than a day holds was not a woman.
Make a decision to walk in a new realm of possibility.

Your suspicions are correct. Different is possible.
Make a decision to walk in connection with your deepest soul purpose.
Lead, parent and relate from this new place and then see what happens.

I specialise in exclusive, highly confidential coaching, mentoring and guidance for women who are ready to make a real difference. Together we are creating a new paradigm of leadership and relationship, deeply impacting many in the most positive and powerful of ways.

I mainly work through personal recommendation, but if you have found my website and would like to know more please feel free to send me a message. I particularly love to hear from women who are looking to change the culture in the organisation they lead, who have a big goal or ambition, or a challenging world-changing project or mission they are wanting to take from 'doing well' to 'extraordinary'. If this is you then do drop me a note and we can begin the conversation.