Sacred Womanhood with Kirsty Macdonald | One-to-one, Teaching and personal guidance for women | Leadership Coaching | Spiritual Teaching


Kirsty Macdonald has supported thousands of individuals on their journey. She works with a wide range of modalities focussing on unconscious mind change, body energetics, performance, breath, spiritual awareness and life performance. Originally trained in NLP, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching, she has since gone on a huge journey of the mind, the body and the spirit, working with our thoughts and the mind, the elements, shamans, sexual yoga teachers, leading coaches and bodyworkers.

For many years Kirsty has helped and supported individuals towards greater personal freedom. She has now turned her deepest attention to focussing on supporting women leaders and changemakers to step into their true power in order to make the incredible imprint on the world that is now being called forward.

"My gift is in guiding you towards seeing, feeling and experiencing what is needed to open you to who you are and what is possible in your world when you really connect to that. For so long women have been deferring their needs and suppressing their gifts. For so long society have been demanding that they do. Now we have the freedom to create a new paradigm both personally and professionally. It is time for women to be heard on a scale never before experienced. It is time for women to lead. This is not a solo journey. It is time now to come together in community to find a new flow. It is time also to join truly in union with men, not in the old system but through the way of the new feminine. It is time to hold hands and step forward. Not because we have to but because we can. Harmony in self and harmony with other is the magic formula. Womanhood is Sacred. Let's begin to treat is as so and to lead the world with power and with heart."

For those who would like some of the more head-based credentials of Kirsty's experience, Kirsty is a Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP master practitioner with well over 10,000 hours of client work. Formally working in Harley Street, London, she is one of the world's best at creating deep unconscious change to enable individuals to achieve more than they could ever have dreamed of both personally and professionally. She is also an expert leadership coach, passionate about how our world can experience immense positive change with heartfelt, inspired leadership. Kirsty is a deep practitioner and teacher of the energetic arts and has led groups exploring relationship, sex and intimacy and how creating flow in these areas opens up your whole world to a new potential power source. Her big passion is her work with women - going deep into female leadership and how we as women can move with enormous impact and grace in the world - (the next revolution is coming!), Her work around leadership includes helping individuals embody more of who they want to be in the boardroom, court-room, parliament etc. and the impact they can make as a result of the changes they experience. This is an extension of her work with world-class actors, singers and directors who wanted support around grounded presence, clarifying their voice, character work, audition technique and personal habits and beliefs that they wanted fine-tuning.

All of what Kirsty teaches and how she works with clients boils down to the same thing: How can you live, work and breathe inspired and lit from the inside in order to be as impactful as you desire and have a far more enjoyable experience of being you? How can you let go of what is holding you back and live in the beautiful truth of who you already are? How can you create the impact you desire? How can you leave this world with more love here than when you found it? This is what Kirsty guide her clients on.

People generally find Kirsty via serendipity and personal recommendation, but you may have found this page another way. If someone (even Google) has whispered to you to be here then perhaps trust that and drop us a note. You never know, something incredible may happen for yourself and for the world.