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"Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Ramana Maharshi

You are so much more than you know yourself to be.

How do I know this without even meeting you? Because we all are. We are all infinite beings having a concrete-feeling experience, which often this limits our possibilities, boxes us in and shuts us down to who we really are and what can be possible as a full expression of our true 'self'.

Freedom to be so much more of who you are.

I help my clients to open up to that they are, to let go of the beliefs and patterns that hold them back, and to step into a deepest sense of life-purpose, fulfilment and connection. Women who work with me learn to let go of old patterning, celebrate who they are, land deeply in their bodies, connect to their hearts desires, impact powerfully and love wholeheartedly. They learn to listen to their intuitive wisdom and the wisdom of the universe. They learn to relax and receive. To dance and to feel. They learn that freedom is within them, rather than something to be sought on the outside and that when we create from there, real magic happens. It's an incredible journey into the heart and the soul. A powerfully positive journey that impacts not just how you feel about yourself and your life, but that ripples out to the whole of humanity.

Sometimes this looks like a coaching or therapy room experience, sometimes it's in getting into a deeper connection with our natural world and learning to listen to the ancient wisdom of the earth, sometimes it's in exploring movement and embodiment practices, breathwork or body energetics. Many of my clients enjoy learning how to tune in to their own wisdom and be guided from a deeper place, or diving into deep meditation practices to open to all that is beyond. No-one is the same and no two sessions are ever alike. I create an experience for you that is as individual as you are and serves exactly where you are in your life right now. ​

Many people are driven into change by something that feels uncomfortable or intolerable in their lives or by knowing that they can create something incredibly powerful with the right guidance.

You may have been brought here because you are be experiencing something in your career, your relationship (or lack of one), in your parenting or in another realm of your experience, that feel constricted in some way, you may be curious how to develop a more sacred relationship with your body, or you may just be interested in exploring how you can move in the world with greater pleasure or impact. Whatever brought you here, let's assume you are in the right place. It may be you've already heard what you need somewhere in these words, or perhaps we should meet and explore further.

Only you know.

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Please note that Kirsty spends her time between London, Scotland and California so generally sessions are taken online. Face-to-face meetings are possible by arrangement.